RAMICS Conference 2019 awarded by JNTO

Dear IJCCR readers,

We are glad to announce that our last RAMICS Conference, which took place in Japan (Hida-Takayama) in 2019 (RAMICS 2019), won the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Award for Contribution to the Attraction and Hosting of International Conferences in the category of hosting international conferences (small-to-medium size).

RAMICS 2019 is one of the eight winners (four for the large size events and four small-to-medium ones) in the category of international conferences in 2020. It seems that the initiative to issue community currency in Takayama during the conference was highly evaluated. This initiative was based on the community currency markets at previous conferences in Brazil and Spain.

This award recognises not only RAMICS 2019, but also the way RAMICS conferences have been organised in the past. The people of Sarubobo coin and Enepo are also very happy about this award.

The press release can be found here in Japanese only.

Thank you for reading and for your support,

Best wishes