New Editor

The International Journal of Community Currency Research welcomes its new Editor, Dr. Jens Martignoni.

Jens Martignoni was born 1963, trained as an engineer at the Technikum Winterthur, Switzerland and has an MBA in Nonprofit-Management from the Faculty of Economics and Sociology at the University of Freiburg. He is a lecturer in Innovation Management and Mathematics at various technical universities and has been working for many years on the development of alternative economic forms and new money systems. He is the manager of  FleXibles, an Association for the promotion of new forms of working in Zürich, where he leads the department for economic research and development. The Association offers services and consulting on the topics of societal and social innovation and works on the design and simulation of new money systems.

He has published in the IJCCR: “A new approach to a typology of complementary currencies”, Study for the International Journal of Community Currencies Research (IJCCR and other articles.