Vol. 25 (Issue 2) pp. 28-41

Degrees of consensus and experts’ views on Community and Complementary Currencies

Sanel Alberto Contreras Ramirez *

* University Queen Margaret, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom. sanelcc1@gmail.com


This study investigates the narratives of nine top-level experts on Community and Complementary Currencies (CCs). The study uses qualitative research tools adapted to identify common themes around the most pressing issues on CCs as seen by the participants. The research follows a dynamic and collaborative approach with the experts contributing. As a result, the research offers basic conceptual definitions to understand the meanings behind CCs, main projects, theories, typologies, and other concepts. There is also an in-depth exploration of topics such as finances and funding of CCs, education and awareness of CCs, and interoperability of exchanges between different projects.


Community and complementary currencies, monetary innovations, Delphi method, Thematic Analysis, experts’ narratives, interoperability, values, education and awareness.

Article Contreras

To cite this article: Contreras, S.A. (2021) ‘Degrees of consensus and experts’ views on Community and Complementary Currencies’, International Journal of Community Currency Research Volume 25 (Issue 2) 28-41; http://www.ijccr.net; ISSN 1325-9547; DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.15133/j.ijccr.2021.0013