Vol. 24 (Winter) Issue 1, pp. 74-85

Challenges of social currency use: a survey on Community Development Banks in Brazil

Ariádne Scalfoni Rigo*

* Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. E-mail: ariadnescalfoni@gmail.com


This paper presents the case of the social currencies created and managed by Community Development Banks (CDBs) in Brazil. During the management processes of social currencies, many challenges are faced by CDBs. This study addresses the main challenges and difficulties of the social currencies of CDBs. This research shows the results of a survey carried out on 47 of the 78 social currency cases that existed in Brazil in 2013. These cases include 18 communities where social currencies presented circulation difficulties. Difficulties in obtaining a monetary reserve and being accepted by local businesses were also major challenges. The results encourage further research on other social currency cases and offer information that support the continuity of public policies for solidarity finance in Brazil.


Social Currency. Community Currency. Community Development Banks. Solidarity Finance. Banco Palmas. Brazil.

Article Rigo

To cite this article: Rigo, A. S. (2020) ‘Challenges of social currency use: A Survey on Community Development Banks in Brazil’ International Journal of Community Currency Research Volume 24 (Winter 2020) 74-85; http://www.ijccr.net; ISSN 1325-9547;DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.15133/j.ijccr.2020.006