IJCCR 24 (Summer) Issue 2

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Masayuki Yoshida
How could blockchain be a key resource in the value creation process of a local currency? A case study centered on Eusko
Fabienne Pinos
The Eusko’s trajectory. Understanding the success of the complementary local currency of the Northern Basque Country
Dante Edme-Sanjurjo, Mathilde Fois-Duclerc, Yannick Lung, Julien Milanesi, and Fabienne Pinos
When is money not a currency? Developments from Finland of proto-community currencies
Marcus Petz
Characteristics of Community Currency that Contribute to Endogenous Regional Activation: Based on case studies of three community currencies – Ma~yu, Tengu, and Awa Money
Han Meng and Akira Ueda
Complementary currency localization in closed contours of economic exchange: theoretical background and experimental verification
Dmitry Berg and Olga Zvereva
Mumbuca E-dinheiro and the challenges of community governance: requirements, codes, and data digital community currency governance
Luiz Arthur S. Faria, Fernando G. Severo, Henrique L. Cukierman, and Eduardo H. Diniz
An investigation of social and credit theory of money focusing on regional and crypto currencies
Chikako Nakayama and Manabu Kuwata
“Monetary Plurality” and “Currencies for an Alternative Economy”: Two paradigms of complementary currency research
Rolf F.H. Schroeder