Calls for papers

International Journal of Community Currency Research: Call for papers and other scholarly work (December 2021)

The International Journal of Community Currency Research invites authors to submit their work for publication. The IJCCR accepts scholarly work of various types:

  1. Research papers
  2. Literature review papers
  3. Empirical research reports
  4. Book Reviews
  5. Commentaries
  6. Ideas for Debate

The IJCCR is being published since 1997 as a peer-reviewed journal. It is now published under the auspices of the International Research Association on Monetary Innovation and Complementary and Community Currency Systems (RAMICS). For more information, see

The Journal was conceived as an online forum for disseminating knowledge about community and complementary currencies. As a freely available online resource, it makes new scientific knowledge about this innovative phenomenon accessible to all, so overcoming many of the barriers separating ‘academics’ from ‘activists’. It also offers speedy publication of new findings, again overcoming the lengthy delays associated with publishing in traditional academic print journals.

This peer-reviewed journal aims to provide a common forum for informed articulation and debate of empirical, critical and theoretical research on community currencies. We seek to bridge the gaps in knowledge, practice and communication which exist between community currency ‘activists’ and ‘academics’.

Community currencies are here defined widely to encompass the full range of possible currency systems. Our desire is to facilitate analysis not only of those systems currently in use, including the ‘money-based’ systems such as LETS, time-based systems such as time-dollars and Ithaca hours, other scrip-based community exchanges as well as business trade exchanges, but also to provide an arena in which the historical use of community currencies can be explored.

The IJCCR is the oldest peer-reviewed journal of heterodox finance. It takes pride in having always supported the dissemination of new ideas but also the scholarly work that links economic and financial issues to environmental sustainability, community development and social justice.

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