Georgina M. Gómez

Chief Editor

International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam, gomez@iss.nl

The International Journal of Community Currency Research was founded 23 years ago, when researchers on this topic found a hard time in getting published in other peer reviewed journals. In these two decades the academic publishing industry has exploded and most papers can be published internationally with a minimal peer-review scrutiny, for a fee. Moreover, complementary currency research is not perceived as extravagant as it used to be, so it has now become possible to get published in journals with excellent reputation.

In that context, the IJCCR is still the first point of contact of practitioners and new researchers on this topic. It offers open access, free publication, and it is run on a voluntary basis by established scholars in the field. In any of the last five years, it has received about 25000 views. The figure seems minuscule in comparison with the numbers Internet has got us used to, but it shows the importance of the IJCCR as the key outlet for research on complementary currency systems. IJCCR now counts over 190 articles with research on all continents.

The IJCCR is currently under scrutiny to be listed in Scopus, so we need to keep this effort going. We invite researchers to disseminate their work through this journal and welcome articles of scientific quality that present a well-argued proposition, an explicit dialogue with theories, and the work of other scholars in the field.

The IJCCR is the main academic publication of the Research Network on Monetary Innovation and Complementary and Community Currencies (Ramics.org), which is still working on establishing itself as the referent organisation in the field. We hope you enjoy this new summer issue.

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