National Seminar: Regenerate community and environment using Social Currency Systems – 11th of February, Monza (Italy)

A national Seminar on Community Currency Systems will be held in Monza (Italy) on the 11th of February  2017. The event called  “Regenerate community and environment using Social Currency Systems”   is:

•sponsored by the association FORUM COOPERAZIONE E TECNOLOGIA, involved in  Progetto SELS, and Reti di Economia Solidali (RES) of Lombardia

•in partnership with  Distretto di Economia Solidale della Brianza and Reti Comunitarie di Scambio (RETICS),

•supported by Comune di Monza.

During the seminar two community currency systems will be presented and discussed:

• Sistema MI FIDO DI NOI, promoted by DESBRI n in the Province of Monza;

Buono di Uscita Solidale (BUS) promoted by the DES di Reggio Emilia

In the morning, the features of these systems will be presented and an illustrative simulation game will take place. Rolf Schroeder will report an overview about Community Currency Systems in Europe. In the afternoon, a working group session will be organized in order to analyze strengths and weaknesses of these two experiences.

The seminar and the lunch are free, but registration is required and it allows you to receive the relative material. For registration and further information please write an e-mail to


•Davide Biolghini – Forum Cooperazione e Tecnologia

•Sergio Venezia – DESBRI Mi fido di Noi