Key Indicators of Time Bank Participation: Using Transaction Data for Evaluation

This paper presents some key and advanced statistical indicators of time bank participation.  Unlike printed community currencies, time banks record their exchanges in databases.  Such transaction data enables researchers to evaluate member participation in these networks across time.  Nonetheless, there is very little published scholarship employing time bank transaction data.  Examples from a U.S. time bank are provided.  The suggested indicators are intended to encourage coordinators and scholars to study these networks.  Coordinators who track their systems can intervene as necessary.  Scholars researching individual time banks can use these metrics to facilitate comparisons of multiple cases in order to better assess the efficacy of time banking.

Ed Collom

IJCCR 2012 Collom

To cite this article: Collom, E. (2012) ‘Key Indicators of Time Bank Participation: Using Transaction Data for Evaluation’ International Journal of Community Currency Research 16 (A) 18-29  <> ISSN  1325-9547