Community Currency Research: An analysis of the literature

This article provides an analysis of the literature about community currencies. 1099 sources written in a variety of different languages form the basis of this study. Both empirical and theoretical contributions have been considered.  The first step is to make explicit the composition of this database. This implies that the field of research is circumscribed; the major features of community currencies are highlighted. The subsequent analysis comprises quantitative and qualitative aspects. In their evaluation, the authors demonstrate the strengths of the research carried out so far. They also show weaknesses and possibilities for future research, and make suggestions for improvements to the infrastructure of this field of research.

Rolf F.H. Schroeder, Yoshihisa Miyazaki and Marie Fare  A31-41

To cite this article: Schroeder, R.; Miyazaki, Y. and Fare, M. (2011) ‘Community Currency Research: An analysis of the literature’ International Journal of Community Currency Research 15 (A) 31-41 <> ISSN  1325-9547