Change Takes Time: Exploring Structural and Developmental Issues of Time Banking

This paper draws out key conclusions from a recent research project into a voluntary sector time bank in the Welsh Valleys. The aim of the research was to explore the structure and organisational issues of time banks in relation to the development of co-production. Such an analysis attempts to make clear how time bank development fosters the values of co-production as is claimed by research and literature on time banks. The argument in this paper is that whilst time banks can be set-up for a range of purposes, not always tied to co-production, the practices and ideas embedded in the time bank mechanisms do gradually develop the values of co-production. However this is a slow process and requires a successful, initial time bank pilot project to encourage further support for expanding the practice. For those who advocate the development of co-production this paper provides information of time bank development which can support their efforts to promote the idea within the public sector.

Lee Gregory Volume 13(2009) A19-32


To cite this article:Gregory, L. (2009) ‘Change Takes Time: Exploring Structural and Developmental Issues of Time Banking’ International Journal of Community Currency Research 13 19-32 <> ISSN  1325-9547