2011 Book Review Section

Peter North (2010), Local Money (Green Books, Totnes) reviewed by Georgina Gómez C1-2

Mary Mellor (2010) The Future of Money (Pluto Press, London) reviewed by Steve Hermans C2-3

Abdalhalim Orr and Abdassamad Clarke (eds) (2009) Banking: The root cause of the injustice of our time, (Diwan Press, London) reviewed by Ben Walker C3-5

Dierdre Kent (2005) Healthy Money, Healthy Planet: Developing sustainability through new money systems (Craig Potton Publishing, Nelson NZ) reviewed by Zsuzsanna Szalay C5-6

David Halpern (2010) The Hidden Wealth of Nations (Polity Press, Cambridge) reviewed by John Riminton C7

IJCCR 2011 Book Reviews

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