On LETS and Time Dollars

A comparative analysis of LETS and Time Dollars seeks to identify their distinctive strengths and shortcomings, makes a plea for collaboration. The piece argues that most of the differences stem from their purpose: LETS is seeking to create an alternative economy to market; Time Dollars are seeking to rebuild what is termed the Core Economy, rooted in family, extended family, neighbors and civil society. While both seek to build community and counter the external costs of the global economy, LETS seeks to do so by returning the world of commerce to a local basis, while Time Dollars expressly seeks to do so by rebuilding the Core Economy, purged of the elements of subordination, discrimination and exploitation that characterized the functioning of that economy in the past. Both have important contributions to make and the challenge is to make sure that future relationships are in cooperation rather than competition.

Edgar Cahn Volume 5(2001) 2

IJCCR Vol 5 (2001) 2 Cahn

To cite this article: Cahn, E. (2001) ‘On LETS and Time Dollars’ International Journal of Community Currency Research 5 <www.ijccr.net> ISSN  1325-9547 http://dx.doi.org/10.15133/j.ijccr.2001.004