LETS and Benefit Claiming in the UK: Results of a Pilot Project

One of the most contentious aspects of the debate about Local Exchange and Trading Systems (LETS) concerns the benefit system. Whereas other nations have amended the rules of their social security systems in order to facilitate participation in LETS, this has not been the case in the UK. This article is based upon a short, pilot project conducted at the turn of the millennium. It involved a series of interviews with LETS members and with national politicians who had publicly expressed an interest in LETS because of the benefit implications, whether real or perceived. We found evidence of claimants either not joining LETS or, of those who did join or became claimants whilst belonging to a LETS, keeping their LETS-related activities at a modest level. LETS members are clear that the benefit system must change to accommodate their needs and interests.

Tony Fitzpatrick Volume 4(2000) 6

IJCCR Vol 4 (2000) 6 Fitzpatrick

To cite this article: Fitzpatrick, T. (2000) ‘LETS and Benefit Claiming in the UK: Results of a Pilot Project’ International Journal of Community Currency Research 4 <www.ijccr.net> ISSN  1325-9547 http://dx.doi.org/10.15133/j.ijccr.2000.002